BasaBots Update v2.1.1.6

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BasaBots Update v2.1.1.7

It has been quite some time since the bot has been updated, but alas here is an update. Crafting, combat, fishing all tested working with the latest patch.
  1. General: Updated for patch
  2. Crafting: Added new crafting options for Master and new levels, etc…

Nice to see you back after your hiatus. I ha ent played the game in years and I cant unsubscribe through the site. I was unable to dispute with PayPal. I just wanna stop giving 15 dollars for years, it’s frustrating since bank won’t stop payment to paypal

Bot fishes fine then when its time to move to next waypoint it just spasms forward left and right infinitely. Whats the issue here? It refuses to use waypoints properly. Is it ultimately still broken? I’ve tried every setting and different waypoints and still nothing, breaks as soon as it comes time to run to a waypoint. It doesn’t stealth, it doesn’t use food and it doesn’t sprint. I mean how can you charge a subscription for this crap?

Easy, put a sub button on a bot that isn’t supported and see how many suckers will click the button a year after support ended because they don’t spend 5 minutes researching what they are getting.

Reminds me of an old saying, “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

There is an option inside PayPal. Check the FAQ.