BOT BROKEN 6 months

Well we have a new patch 3.5 and this bot has not been updated since the last new patch. i think its going on 6 months now it has not worked.

and ? he is done with the bot Mike time to move on to another bot lol

ive been reading the tavern and it’s obvious the bot is abandoned, and with each patch, the more chance of getting detected and banned. quit using it. there are a few other ones out there.

just my 2 cents

yeah but basa bots was good, i dont know why he did this to us.

Any definitive word on the bot being dead and abandoned?
Has Basa said himself anything about not updating any more?
From what I’ve read and knowing Basa, I think he is going to wait untill the next big patch
“The Far Edge of Fate” due to be released on 17-Feb

i’d be surprised if he show his face again. the bot has been broken for so long and he doesnt care

i talked to him he said he is done with the bot , it was getting to hard for him to fix little things because he wasn’t really that good at it in the first place and he is not paying for the website so it will be shut down soon. Everyone go to

What a scummy thing to do.

If you’re gonna discontinue maintaining the bot, then be honest and let people know so they’d stop resubscribing, you don’t have to offer refunds and people will understand. But to keep the site going un-managed and continue to let people buy new or renew licenses is basically a scam.