Help with waypoints/moving

Hi guys, just need a few pointers as i haven’t found a clear answer. I’ve watched guides but they don’t seem very hepful since the UI in has changed a lot. When i try to “add waypoints” it always remains the same coordinates, when i try to copy/paste someone else waypoints data and click “RUN” it immediately stop after 2 seconds with no error message, not sure i enter waypoints right or the bot is just broken with my setup/patch atm :confused:

Bot has been down since the patch. Expect a few weeks to a few months for a fix.

I have messaged him directly but we havent heard anything. feel free to message basa bots last time we had a patch it took over am onth for him to update and he said it was because he didnt know but to fix that he set up his direct messages to alert him. i dont know i messaged him already 3 times over a few weeks and heard nothing.