What's going on?

A little background. I used Basabot back when it first came out so I have (had) the legacy license for it. I quit the game and just returned to it three days ago and decided to see how Basabot was doing. Went ahead and registered and attached my license. Noticed in FAQ that legacy isn’t supported anymore. Purchased a new license…

I am still unable to configure it to operate correctly at all. Been all over the forums and was able to finally get the bot to attach. I couldn’t determine, definitively, if there was an update that would have changed the pointing configurations that was causing my next symptom. I noticed this has been posted previously where the drop down menus, for example, in fishing do not populate options. Which is a symptoms usually have the bot losing sync with the client configurations and has to be re-calibrated.

As I have been out of the loop for a couple of years now and the forums as of recent are relatively not active… I’m wondering if my suspicions are correct and (if so) what is the usual turn around to getting that updated configuration in order?

Or… is the bot dead at this point and I wasted my $15 bucks? lol

On a positive note, the bot looks beautiful and much improved website!

its dead totallly DEAD!!!